Heba and Iman are a team of Licensed Massage Therapist located in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood. This dynamic duo has combined their skill sets to create HI HANDS MASSAGE. Their mission is to utilize all of their expertise and modalities to create a customized plan for each of their clients providing maximum benefits from each session. 



Co-Founder of H.I. Hands Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist

Heba graduated from IME in Kalamazoo, MI in 2015. She has refined her massage skills throughout the years and has an innate ability to relieve painful areas in the body. Heba is now based in Chicago continuing her journey to self-improvement and healing. In turn, she provides the client with comfort and support for their healing process. Every massage is tailored to the client’s specific needs, often combining various modalities. 


Co-Founder of H.I. Hands Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist


Iman graduated from Soma Institute in 2015 with a focus in clinical therapy. Transitioning from Personal Training, Iman began her massage career when she sought relief due to chronic pain. After studying the healing ways of massage therapy, her mission became to help others in need. She enjoys bringing peace & wellness onto others and works with her clients to create specific treatment plans. 



Administrative Assistant

Annisha studied Business Management at Northeastern University, and graduated from Kennedy-King college in 2018 with a primary focus in Project Management.

She is a Chicago native, with over 25 yrs of Administrative support skills, knowledge and experience. Her main goal is to ensure that H.I. Hands Massage stays true to their mission statement; Servicing and educating our communities by promoting health and wellness for everyone, through preventative maintenance techniques.